Strength Quest #16: Back and Triceps Advanced Techniques

Hit a Push/Pull of Back and Triceps today.

Chains can be the Missing Link to Increasing your Lifts…

Felt pretty good today. Kept it (mostly) Heavy, and incorporated some Chain work in there too. The chains allow for a few variables that can be beneficial to your training. The first is that they incorporate more stability training while you are ripping though your normal movements. You have to stabilize the hanging, swinging weight of them as you either push, pull, or press the bar. The next positive effect of chain training is that they allow you to push, pull, or press a max lift while increasing the weight throughout the rep.

For example: Attach a 20# chain to each end of the bar that contains 2×45# plates while doing deadlifts. When the bar (and chains) are on the floor in the starting position,  it is around 135#. As you deadlift the bar, the weight increases through the end (top) of the movement because the more chain that is suspended, the heavier that barbell gets. At the lockout, as long as the chains are off the ground, you just added 40# to your deadlift. Make sense?

This is great to help increase explosiveness, and rep speed, while adding more weight to the bar in the process. It allows you to literally explode out of the bottom of the movement, while putting out max effort at the top.

This, my friends, can add a whole other dynamic to your training.


Here was the Session:

(4 x 10-12 each)
(@185# + 40# in Chains = 225#)

(Bodyweight with the last set with 20# chain)


Rest-Pause Set:
(1 x 12-15…rest for 15s…1 x 6-8…rest for 15s…1 x 2-4)

(@95# + 40# in Chains = 135#)
**the chains provide instability and work the core a bit too.

**Haven’t done GM’s in a LONG while, so I kept this exercise light, not to mention I didn’t have a rack, so I have to clean the weight up. Will go heavier on the next round.


Run the Rack:
(Starting with a weight you can do for 12-15…hit reps until failure, drop weight…repeat.)
@225# (95# + 130# in chains)

**I dropped an chain off each side after each set, and repped out. Pretty awesome because it allowed me to remain explosive at the bottom of the movement.


Static Hold:
(@30 seconds)
Hold the Contracted position for as long as possible (if more that 30 seconds, use weight.)

Thats it for today!

Yours in Strength,

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