How to Train for the Zombie Apocalypse…

Better Be Ready.

When shit goes down...Will you be ready?

So tonight’s post is going to be a little different that my usual rant or workout post…

It’s Sunday night, which means one of my favorite shows in on. “The Walking Dead”. For those of you who don’t know…It’s basically a show about zombies taking over, and people’s will to survive. It’s pretty kick ass…and got me thinking…

A person’s will to survive is the STRONGEST characteristic of ALL human nature. Stronger than the will to sleep, eat, drink, and most importantly give up.

When it comes down to it…When there is no other way out…When your backed into a corner..the majority of people tap into their PRIMAL roots, and will do all it takes to Survive…and if they’re not gonna make it, THEY GO DOWN SWINGING.

What does this have to do with the Zombie Apocalypse? Well let me tell you…

When Zombies attack (and yes, it will happen), it’s Survival of the Fittest. You need to think of your training as not only preparing you to be able to run faster, jump higher, be more explosive, and be stronger…but also be calm under pressure…especially if its a matter of life and death. The body NEEDS to be conditioned for these CLUTCH situations!

Think about sprinting for 100 yards, then pulling yourself up over a chain link fence, and THEN trying to shoot a crossbow’s arrow through a Zombie head from about 50 feet away while your can’t catch your breath, and your heart’s pounding through your chest…AND…YOU ONLY HAVE 1 ARROW. Puts things in perspective, right?

The Best way to groom your session to appeal to staying calm when the time comes is to do your training session (the majority being compound, functional body weight movements) and throwing in precision exercises in between movements (while trying to catch your breath) and stabilize your body.

Here is the Zombie Apocalypse Workout”:
(All exercises are done in succession without a break)

Straight Set:
1) 100 Yard ALL-OUT Sprint

Super Set:
2A) Plyo Pushup 5 x Sub Max
2B) Mixed Grip Pullup 5 x Sub Max

3) Shooting Basketball Free Throws: Make 10 shots

4A) Jump Squats: 5 x 5
4B) Speed Skaters (for lateral Zombie evasion): 5 x 10 each side

5) Putting a golf ball to target 30 feet away (cup, hole, etc): Make 10 putts

The reason for the Precision Exercises (putting/free throw shooting/etc) is not only to remain calm and boost concentration, but to manually control your breathing while you’re fatigued and sucking wind. The faster you can control breathing, the more accurate you will be. You can substitute these accuracy drills with any like exercise…Pitching a baseball to a target 60 feet away, Using a paintball gun (while aiming) to hit a target in the distance, kicking a soccer ball at a tree. As long as it gets you to try and HIT A TARGET, AND CONTROL YOUR BREATHING while you feel drained, it will work.

Try it out…You never know when you will have to use that 1 Arrow…and when you do, it better count.


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